Busy Times at SHG

We just launched revised faction hp as well as done some upgrades on internal security vs. automation. The next one (likely next week?) is expanding the ways to support past PayPal. Players will like that. And so will Admins who get asked about non-PayPal methods about once a week.

In the nearish future is ad hoc wars, and of course, further out ascension. We’d like to sneak in the upgrade to enable ICED/Retired players that’s been discussed in past few days. Revisions to the testing environment are coming out very soon, it’s about 90% done. This will enable more selected players to provide more detailed feedback and ensure higher quality roll outs.

This, of course, means the normal slew of minor upgrades to the game is put on the side, but players seem very happy to accept that. Cool of them.

I love our communities,
Admin ArrBilly