New Content: Emotes, Medals and Invasions

There are now upgraded existing emotes; but also seasonal emotes i.e. Santa and candy canes for Saturnalia, Rabbits for Festival of Caerbannog. More Medals, and some medals are getting much needed graphical updates too! More types of invasions, more often, as the beginning of the unrolling storyline. Enjoy!

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UI Updates

In SpyBattle and Starpirates, you’ll now see smaller graphical updates for ease of play. My fav is the one click build change – lab coat please! Or maybe it’s the always available click to get to the airport (spybattle) or navigation (starpirates). Also we’ve added and updated Clean mode – a stripped down, no graphics […]

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Offerwall no Longer on Offer

Final reminder that the ingame offerwall is ending May 30th, 2019. Again this is not our choice but the provider (TrialPay) is no longer providing the service. So, smoke ’em if you got ’em. While you can.

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Ascensions are Ascending!

Ascensions have gotten a boost. There are numerous, lovely new juicy “player” targets in Ascension. Why? Well to help you level up faster, of course. Which Ascension you ask? Well all 3, in both StarPirates and SpyBattle. You’re welcome. But you haven’t played in a while and surprised there are a full 3 ascensions? Well […]

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Chat, not Shout. Also, what do you Collect?

Next week, the Halls of Fame will be expanded so many very common and some common items now show for collecting. This is fun for collectors and those who sell alike. More HOFs will roll out over time. You will also see a number of other, smaller upgrades including the “Shoutbox” being changed to “Chatbox”. […]

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