Upgraded Saturnalia – or, Party like it’s 2299!

What is Saturnalia, you ask? 12 days of contests and giveaways at the end of December, in Lots of winners, and lots of action with the many themed invasions. The ever powerful Krampus has already made his appearance (edit: and now back in his cave for a year). All of this is on top […]

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New Findables in SP and SB. Oh and a one-time sale!

Hi All, I’m thankful, and grateful, that you’re part of this awesome community. As a token, enjoy the 2 Bonus Special Days! (Notorious Agent in SP, Special Agent in SB). More exciting news – the first new items in years went live!SP: The Galilea (VR+) and CET (rare+)SB: EQ Coat, IQ Coat, Q GlassPlus, both […]

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Scanner Helmet Upgrades

Ever wonder why there is a V1 Scanner Helmet and a V2? And no way to turn gold (V1) into platinum (v2)? Well today is your lucky day in the year 2165! (Then again what day isn’t a lucky day in the paradise/dystopia of Earth 2165?) For a limited time, you can now trade in […]

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NPCs Visual Upgrade

Hallowe’en has left some eye candy in Starpirates. Most NPC graphics have been dramatically improved. 90% of NPCs in the belts use updated images, with each NPC getting their own look and feel. In the past we had a very limited number of images that we used for multiple encounters. No more! We’ve also fixed […]

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New CSR – Chord is “back”. Sort of.

New Coke is here! Cherry flavoured too. Wait, not. Typo there. New CHORD is here. The Chord account is active again, and CSRing. While not the same person running Chord, the new Chord is fully fluent in the ways of Starcrash. If you raise an in game ticket, you’ll (re)meet the Chord. 🙂 AAB EDIT: […]

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