Apocalypse Cow?

Up here in the Great White North, the long weekend fast approaches. And not before time, whew! *mimes wiping sweat from his brow* It’s times like this one really appreciates one’s friends. Friends like Basic Instructions and (warning: rudies in the next link, so maybe don’t click at work or if you’re not a grown-up) Myths RETOLD, whose recent sci-fi kicks have been most pleasing to us here at Snakehead.

Speaking of cows – well, er, not really – whose tireless work in the barns of the far future have brought forth the milk of victory, curdled into the cheese of recognition to be shared with one’s friends alongside the wine of glory? And who’s going to be tipping the cow waiter?

Spybattle 2165
Level 50: Just Jack
Level 70: psychlops, not V

Star Pirates
Level 50: Just Jack, Hotpants McGee, Danalog
Level 60: oddhack
Level 70: Kalel
Level 80: Tinman
Level 90: HRH Attila the Hun
Level 100: Bender
Level 110: Medon