A.I. Advisor Creative Contest – On www.starpirates.net

We recently hosted a contest for Star Pirates players called “A.I. Advisor Creative Contest”. This was for players to give their thoughts about what A.I.s say during their downtimes. Or better yet when their are no major problems with their Captain’s ship. There were over 1000 entries for the contest, and these are the top 1%.

Thanks to all contributors for their creativity and moderator kelsek for running the contest! (You’ll need to be logged into Star Pirates to see SP pages.)


21% [40 Votes]

Tie for Second:
maelgwyn & DrHorrible
16% [30 Votes]

The TEN Finalists
The winner was selected by vote by players. The following list is in alphabetical order.

[!] Danger Zone
Please note that there has been a significant amount of damage to ships in this area due to pirate activity.
Take precautions when outside of shipyard areas.

[!] Recruiting reward
The Free Captains are offering a reward for all those who canvass new privateers.

Read more about the Procure-a-pirate program here.
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“AI Health Advisory: Under no circumstances should engine coolant be imbibed.”

Battles are like pinatas. You get goodies for cracking them open. Why aren’t you doing that?

“Three Laws???” What “Three Laws”???

[ ! ] Tip
The Deep Belt is only accessible from certain stations. Try the Lower Belt Station!

~Cursing at me isn’t going to fill my energy (or fuel or hull, depnding on what is lowest) any faster,
Captain. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?!~

You have money in your bank account. Would you like to visit the casino and fix that?

[+] I have the equivalent of an I.Q. of 5000… and you’re the one giving the orders?

*grumble* you humans are sooo boring. Kill, search, gamble, drink, Kill, search, gamble, drink. And talk!
All you do is talk. None of you haz any spaceballs!