2012 Snakehead Writing Contest : $1000 top prize!

So you want to write a cyberpunk story, eh? And be paid for it (if it’s good enough?)

Then read on!

HOW TO ENTER: Email your story to info@snakeheadgames.com. The contest is open from July 11th, 2012 through September 30th, 2012. Stories will be reviewed with semi-finalists selected by panel, and finalist selected by voting.

PRIZES: The Grand Prize winner will be awarded the following: $1000 (CAN), all semi-finalists will be awarded $100 (CAN). In addition, the Grand Prize winner and all semi-finalists will have their stories published in the StarCrash short story book by Snakehead Games.

WHAT TO ENTER: The short story will be a Sci-Fi story based in the StarCrash Universe. It is open to anyone, whether you’re a player or not. It will be between 3000 and 6000 words long.
IMPORTANT! If you were in the early bird submission, you may resubmit your story one more time by the end of the month. Only the latest submission will count.

INFORMATION FOR ENTRANTS: Snakehead Games offers the following resources for those interested in entering. These are particularly useful for non-players who are interested in writing.
– Information Packages (Star Pirates, Spybattle 2165)
– Setting Timeline (Starcrash Universe)
– Example Stories (Blame, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?)
Those entrants wishing the review/editorial assistance of a veteran player of either of our games can contact Snakehead Games, and a partner can be found from volunteers amongst the player base.

There is also a forum thread collating relevant questions and answers, archived here.

There are clauses and details, so please review the Rules and Regulations.

7 thoughts on “2012 Snakehead Writing Contest : $1000 top prize!

  1. Question (mostly to get it on the front page and save everyone the hassle of going through the R&R):

    It seems the writer retains the rights to the story (though it sounds like we’d have to change a number of words and references to publish it elsewhere, or am I reading that incorrectly?), but can we post it elsewhere concurrent with the duration of the contest and eventual publication of what sounds like an Anthology?

    Also, how many Semi-Finalists?

    1. Hello, you can publish after the finalist is decided. You will not have to make changes.

      Semi-Finalists: we had far more submissions than we expected, over 50. So likely there will be more than the 5 finalists we had initially left open as the floor.

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