Star Pirates: Infinity

Star Pirates Infinity is a next-generation Collectible Card Game (CCG) set in the distant future. 100 years after a mysterious galactic catastrophe, players take control of one of four unique Factions, each hellbent on rebuilding the Galaxy in their own image.

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Badlands – Max Carnage

Badlands – Max Carnage, is a Social, Collectable role-playing game set on the dystopian world of Discordia. Players collect tokens to unlock and upgrade Pilots and their unique vehicles. Build your team and restore order to Discordia.

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Star Pirates

Star Pirates is a browser based RPG and was launched in 2008. The game continues to have core group of loyal players and very strong community.

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Zombie Moon

Zombie Moon was SHG’s first mobile release. It is a casual RPG set within the Star Pirates Universe and has over 100k installs on Android alone.

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