Prince George

We were talking about how things have changed so rapidly in such a short time.  The new British Royal Baby makes this more likely than ever…   #PrinceGeorge #PrinceJames #‎RoyalBabyBoy‬ ‪#‎BritishMonarchy‬ ‪#‎BabyCambridge

Class X Drive Unit

Star Pirates:  in case you missed the Announcement… Class X Drive Unit Change: an enhancement to the upgrade path for the Class X Drive Unit has been applied. The changes are: Mk I….no change Mk II…+1% CRIT CHANCE, +1 CRIT DAMAGE Mk III..+1% CRIT CHANCE, +1 CRIT DAMAGE, -1% ENEMY CRIT Mk IV..+2% CRIT CHANCE, +1 CRIT DAMAGE, -1% ENEMY …

Agent Madawc garners the first Stealth Submarine

Spybattle 2165’s Agent Madawc is the first player to ply the seas in a Stealth Submarine.  Congrats! Not only does Agent Madawc get access to the sub, with it’s extra research, but also is the first Agent to get hands on the Z-vial, and the ability to launch a zombie outbreak. In addition, for being one of the first 5 …

Of Behemoths and Leviathans

Great news for our Spy Battle and Star Pirate players!   For our space-faring players, we announce the newly christened Behemoth Mk V. This new, fully customisable upgrade is the toughest ship to roll out of the shipyards to date, with 2000 hull points at base, this ship is truly deserving of its namesake.   And for our terrestrial intelligencer, …

Heather Dale

Here’s something interesting you may not have known. Gates of Camelot is done in conjunction with a band: They headline all the SciFi Conventions & Renaissance Fairs. Maybe you’ve seen them before? If not you should try checking them out.