Pick a card! Any card!

As I leave the holiday season behind me I find myself thinking about some of the good fortune I’ve had in my life. My career is certainly one of the things for which I’m most thankful. There are few jobs in this world that will pay you play games. But as any developer will tell […]

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Happy New Year/Badlands Draw Winner!

Let me commence this blog by wishing each and every one of you a very happy 2017.  I am personally still getting over the fact that people born in 1999 will be legal adults this year, and my beard is growing whiter with this information. Here at SHG, we are all oiling the gears to […]

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The Art of Drawing

Last week Star Pirates Infinity development was focused on additional polish to the UI and various bug fixes. Much of the required card art is done, so our art team can focus less on drawing cards, and more on the clean up of the UI. It ended up being one of our most exciting weeks […]

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The Varying Aspects of Game Design

It may come as little surprise, but it’s often the little things in game development that trip you up. The focus this week for Star Pirates Infinity is on QA of the code that’s been written the last few weeks. I was reminded of the importance of having a library of testing devices. An animation […]

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Multilingual gaming, without a babelfish in your ear…

We’ve been much too quiet lately, apologies for that, and I’ve decided the solution is simply to start talking. Cue the Pink Floyd.   Legacy Games Zombie Moon has more missions. Guts and Glory is sunset, but playable if you have the game. Star Pirates now has a Leviathan class ship. Gates of Camelot is […]

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