A collection of topics – new forum launched!

Over the last couple months, we’ve made some changes and improvements to Star Pirates Infinity which really help the flow of the game and the new player experience. Our focus moving forward is to try and generate more discussion about the game. We want to increase our interaction with those who are playing the game. […]

Star Pirates Infinity Available Now in a Galaxy near you!

STAR PIRATES INFINITY LAUNCHED BY SHG STUDIOS Star Pirates Infinity, the next-gen CCG from SHG studios is live for limited release. You can play on PC or Mac, or if in Canada/Australia download on Android or iOS from here: Star Pirates Infinity (SPI) is a free to play, Collectible Card Game, set within SHG’s […]

Star Pirates Infinity DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE

Hi Folks, Any of our Star Pirates Infinity players in Canada and Australia are likely experiencing some issues if they downloaded the newest update on Android. The game will give a warning about your version being out of date – this is not the case. Our data on the server is out of date, and […]

To (Star Pirates) Infinity!

Hello All! Today is a great day! 9th anniversary of the launch of the original Star Pirates ( Original? Yes, as Star Pirates Infinity (SPI) launches today! Colin Ferguson (AAB) here, to tell you a bit more.   Where can I download it from? PC: (Worldwide) Mac:  Coming veeeeerrry soon  (Worldwide) Android: Coming veeeeerrry soon for Australia […]

Full Circle

Star Pirates Infinity wrapped up production 10 days ago, and we have been in full Marketing mode since. Placing the game in a closed beta is a good way to gather feedback from select people that aren’t us; after creating a product for 18 months, you know everything about it and have a “soiled opinion.” […]

Pick a card! Any card!

As I leave the holiday season behind me I find myself thinking about some of the good fortune I’ve had in my life. My career is certainly one of the things for which I’m most thankful. There are few jobs in this world that will pay you play games. But as any developer will tell […]

About SHG Studios

SHG Studios is an independent casual game developer. We create casual games focused on social interaction. Players come for the games, and stay for the community.